Hemorrhoid Cure Secrets

2000 years ago an ancient Greek pharmacologist named Padanius Dioscorides wrote about an amazing hemorrhoid cream that could cure hemorrhoids. It used a common weed as its main ingredient. That weed is still abundant in Europe, Western Asia and is now being grown in the United States.

Easiest solution is to hemorrhoid cures grab a pack of ice and apply it to the area. Alternative is to use a single ice cube and just place it to a external hemorrhoid. Ice will reduce the pain and cause that swelling subsides. You should repeat this procedure for several days and couple times a day.

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Do not ignore nature’s call in case of bowel movement and urination as a delay may result in the hardening of stool which can be a cause of rectal bleeding.

Treatment using surgery should always be consulted with a doctor first. The patient may have to undergo physical examination and laboratory tests to check if hemorrhoids symptoms are present. The tests will also determine if you really needed surgery or not. But, if one does not prefer medical operations to be done to him or her, then the natural way of remedy may be considered.

Petroleum jelly works wonders and is cheaper than the purchase of the ointments. The concept of the jelly is to apply it as directed as if it were an ointment. Before the jelly can be applied, be sure the area is dry. The petroleum jelly works only for the external hemorrhoids. Why? It is on the outer area of the rectum.

All you have to do is schedule an appointment with your doctor. There is no anesthesia simply because there is no need for it. It is non-invasive and non-surgical. No cutting of anything here! This procedure will only take about ten minutes of your time, so its convenient.

I don’t know about you; but I’ve heard of worse remedies for hemorrhoids than this. If you don’t feel like having salad, you can also convert radish into juice. Add salt to radish juice and drink 60 ml to 90 ml of it every morning and evening.

A natural hemorrhoid treatment using pilewort is good. However, if you want a proven system to cure hemorrhoids permanently you’ll need the guidance of a professional. You may need to lose fat quickly in order to get relief from hemorrhoids. The causes of being fat are often the same as the cause for hemorrhoids. For more natural cures see venaproreviewsite.com and make an informed decision on your hemorrhoid solution.